Director's Message



Director's Message

Rev. Fr. Dr. Sanil Jose

Director & Academic Co-ordinator

Dear Students, Faculty, Stakeholders,

As the Director cum Academic Coordinator of Sanjo College of Pharmaceutical Studies (SCOPS) in Palakkad, it is with immense pride and enthusiasm that I extend warm greetings to each one of you.

Quality Infrastructure: At SCOPS, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art infrastructure conductive to holistic learning and research. Our campus boasts modern laboratories, well equipped classrooms, and extensive library resources to facilitate academic excellence.

Expert Faculties: Our dedicated faculty members are industry experts and scholars who impart knowledge with Passion and innovation. They strive to mentor and guide students to reach their full potential, both academically and professionally.

Academic and Assessment: The academic curriculum at SCOPS is meticulously designed to align with industry standards and emerging trends in Pharmaceutical sciences. We emphasize practical learning through hands-on experience and industry internships. Our assessment methods are rigorous yet fair, ensuring comprehensive evaluation of students' understanding and skills.

Outstanding Results: We take immense pride in our students’ exceptional academic performance and achievements. Their success in various competitive exams and placements stands as a testament to the quality education imparted at SCOPS.

Efficient Administration and Management: Our administrative team works tirelessly to ensure smooth functioning of all academic and extracurricular activities. Their proactive approach and efficient management contribute to the overall success of our institution.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA): The collaboration between parents, teachers, and students through our PTA fosters a supportive environment conductive to holistic development. We value the insights and feedback provided by the PTA members in shaping our academic policies and programs.

Dedicated Students: Our students are our greatest assets, displaying commendable dedication, enthusiasm, and talent. Their active participation in research projects, seminars, and co-curricular activities reflects their commitment to excellence.

Prospective Plans for Advancement: Looking ahead, we are focused on enhancing our global partnerships to broaden opportunities for research collaborations and employment prospects for our students. While we currently offer, D. Pharm, B. Pharm, and M. Pharm programs, we are diligently working towards obtaining approvals for Pharm D and PhD in pharmacy programs, which are poised to further elevate SCOPS as a premier institution in Pharmaceutical education and research.

In conclusion, at SCOPS, we are dedicated to nurturing future-ready pharmaceutical professionals equipped with knowledge, skills, and values to excel in a dynamic global landscape. Together, let us continue our journey towards academic excellence and social impact.

Welcome to Sanjo College of Pharmaceutical Studies (SCOPS) Palakkad!
Warm Regards.

Rev. Dr. Sanil Jose
Director & Academic Coordinator

Sanjo College of Pharmaceutical Studies (SCOPS) Palakkad, Kerala