This beautifully designed logo represented by a bowl with a serpent, and a hexagon are symbols representing Pharmacy and the benzene ring structure respectively. The tail of the serpent is modified into Rx which means 'take this and pray'. This structure is comfortably placed over a book symbolising education and wisdom. The name of the institution is described artistically with a meaningful footnote.

Year Contributor/ Development Milestone
1550 BC Papyrus ebers the oldest preserved medical documents
460-370 B.C Hippocrates An ancient Greek physician - Father of Western Medicine
384 BCE – 322 BCE Aristotle Greek Philosopher
300 BC Theophrastus Father of Pharmacognosy
200 BC Acharya Charaka Father of Medicine
40-90 A.D  Pedanius Dioscorides Greek physician, pharmacologist and botanist - compiled De Materia Medica.
AD 129 – c. 200/c. 216 Galen First Pharmacist
936-1013 A.D  Abulcasis First person to prepare medicines by sublimation and distillation.
1240 A.D Emperor Frederick II  Separated the physician profession from that of a pharmacist.
1881 – 11 March 1955- Alexander Fleming Discovery of Penicillin
1902-1971 Dr. M.L. Shroff Father of Pharmacy in India
1954  Hindustan Antibiotics Limited
(HAL), Pimpri,
Agreement with UNICEF and antibiotic production started
1961 Indian Drugs & Pharmaceutical Limited
Collaboration  with Russia
1970 Indian Patent Act 1970 helped development of   new processes, cheap alternatives
1975 Hathi Committee Report MNCs: to set up R&D, spend >4%  in R&D

Pharmacy logo is represented by a bowl and serpent, a symbol representing Pharmacy. The serpent signifies wisdom and symbolizes guardianship. The bowl stands for medicinal mixture used for healing. The R part of the symbol stands for the Latin 'recipere' which means 'take this' and it is related to the word ‘recipe’. The X part of the symbol is derived from the symbol for the Roman God, Jupiter. It represents prayer or invocation to Jupiter that the treatment would result in a cure, with the help of the Divine. So RX really means 'take this and pray'. It goes back to ancient Roman times when people believed that if you were sick, it was because you had offended gods and the illness was retribution.

India stands fourth largest in Pharmaceutical value in the world. India files highest number of DMFs and many MNCs are opting India for manufacturing their bulk drugs and brand drugs. Naturally, this offers tremendous scope for quality Pharmacy graduates.