About Us



About Us

Kerala is synonymous with the phrase ‘God’s Own Country’ not just because of its natural beauty, but because it stands primary in education and female literacy, in food and human resource development. Palakkad, well recognized for palmyras and paddy fields, is situated at the foot hill of the Western Ghats.

Education, the key to the development of a nation is our forte. Sanjo College of Pharmaceutical Studies (SCOPS) is a multi-arched facade with a plethora of choices from the regular syllabus up to nourishing the fresh minds of students with confidence. SCOPS is at a walkable distance from the NH, with an easy access to the mainstream of the state. The college has been duly recognised by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), All India Council of Technical Education ( AICTE), and affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS).

SANJO COLLEGE OF PHARMACEUTICAL STUDIES is located in a lush green atmosphere at Vellapara near Chithali in Thrissur – Palakkad Highway and is just 15 km away from Palakkad Town.


This beautifully designed logo represented by a bowl with a serpent, and a hexagon along with the benzene ring is a symbol representing the profession of Pharmacy. The tail of the serpent is modified into Rx which means 'take this and pray'. This structure is comfortably placed over a book symbolising education and wisdom. The name of the institute is artistically placed beneath on a red banner to symbolise that the institute upholds all the ideals of Pharmacy education.


The flag is divided equally into two, with white on top, green at the bottom and the logo of the college in the middle. While white represents purity in education, green represents prosperity and growth of the students, faculty and the College itself. The College flag gains its significance during the College day as well as other events. All students and staff must give due respect to the College flag.


Due respect must be given to the College anthem which is sung during the commencement of any academic/ cultural programme within the campus and during the first hour of regular working days.